Personal referrals worth menschening!

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The easiest way to nurture, share, and measure personal referrals worth menschening.

It's nothing social. Just business.


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mensch : men(t)sh *

  • - n. a person of integrity and honor
  • - n. pl. mensches or menschen

mentionable : mention + -able *

  • - adjective. worthy of note, or important

menschenable : men(t)sh + en + -able

  • - n. a mensch who's mentionable
  • - n. pl. menschen who are mentionable

This Big Idea ...

is for the Startup Community Networkers ("Feeders") who are looking for an easier, yet less intrusive way to connect the right people at the right time. is a personal referral search engine where everyone connected to the ecosystem can search for help from others just like themselves and vice verse.

Unlike social networks, all members control how they 1) want, or, don't want to be found, 2) personal information is disclosed on a need-to-know basis and 3) there's a scoring system so we know who's been helpful, or, not., a more enlightened way to connect the right people at the right time., it's nothing social, just business.

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